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Supervision and inspection



1. Check-in 



2. Verification of documents




3. Pre-flight check   





4. Boarding

Domestic passengers should proceed to pre-flight check directly after checking-in.



1. Check-in   



2. Customs control 



3. Border control



4. Pre-flight check



5. Boarding

After checking-in international passengers have to pass through customs and border control and pre-flight check. Keep your ticket or boarding pass (if checked-in) out, and passport in your pocket. 

  Dear passengers, in the zone of passport and customs control, any photo and video shooting is prohibited!

Security Screening

Every passenger, his/her personal items and baggage must pass pre-flight check before boarding the aircraft. Passenger, who refuses to pass pre-flight inspection and provide his/her personal items for inspection, is denied boarding!

Instructions for the passage of pre-flight inspection:


1. Have passport and ticket ready



2. Put your belongings into the basket



3. Walk through the frame

At pre-flight check:

— Keep your passport and boarding pass handy;  

— Put permitted metal items IN your carry-on bag. This includes jewellery, loose change, keys, mobile phones, pagers, and palm top computers;  

— At the passenger screening checkpoint please take OUT your laptop computer and place it in the tray provided, separate from its carrying case;  

— Take off your belt and outer coat and place it in the tray provided;

   Passengers are required to comply with all the requirements of the airport staff, conducting searches.

Restrictions on baggage

Banned items in carry-on and/or checked bags:

Magnetic materials
— Shockers 
— Radioactive materials 
— Toxic substances 
— Compressed and condensed gases
— Flammable liquids
— Solid flammable substances
— Caustic and corrosive materials
— Explosives, explosive devices  
— Any substances and liquids of unknown composition without the factory packaging and the appropriate technical certificate and certificate.

Banned items in carry-on: 

— All liquids, aerosols and gels even in bottles/containers larger than 100 ml.
— Weapons of any kind and other self defense items
— Cutting tools and items
— Sporting equipment
— Heavy tools

   If you are not sure whether an item is prohibited; check with your airline, pack it in your checked baggage or leave it at home.