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Dear visitors, web-site of Shymkent airport, happy to provide you a variety of online services.

To study the schedule of flights for planning flights and travels.

To buy a flight ticket and do not forget an arrival time.

Check in online on the websites of airlines or at the check-in desks.

For passengers with children are provided specialized rooms.

To find out how to get to the airport by car, taxi or public transport. For private transport there are free and paid parkings

Pack your baggage, as well as receive information on baggage allowance. 

For safety of all passengers it is necessary to pass preflight inspection, and passengers on international flights must pass border, customs and migration control. Also, be aware that some items are not permitted in hand baggage and even baggage. 

For all passengers making transfer at Shymkent Airport the transit lounge is provided.

The airport has cafe, bar and shops, also in case of need, you can always ask for help in first-aid post and police station

All passengers can use the VIP lounge services. 

Look at the weather and confidently plan their travels. 

Free WiFi in departure/arrival lounge.

Answers to frequently asked questions.