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In some hotels you can stay?
List of hotels listed here .

How to get to (from) the airport by public transport and taxi how much it costs?
Shymkent Airport shuttle buses on routes 12, 12A, 12B, with a location map can be found  here . Taxi fare ranges from 500 tenge and more, depending on the class of convenience. List fleet is here .   

Where can I see the flight schedule?
Schedule of flights from the airport of Shymkent can be found on our website under « Flight Schedule », by the direction and the date (day) departure.

What if an error is detected on the ticket in the first or last name?
In some cases, the ticket is allowed up to three errors, inclusive. It is recommended that when an error is detected as soon as possible contact the company or agency where you bought a ticket and fix it.

Where can I get information on visas and other travel documents to a foreign country?
Consultations on the documents required for entry into the country of destination, you need to get the consulate of the country or in the airline, the flight which you will fly from Shymkent.

Can I check in online?
Online registration is carried out on the website of your airline. In the « Online registration »  you will find links to airline websites. 

In how many arrive at the airport? When you start to register?
Detailed information is provided in the « Check-in ». 

What identification document, it is necessary to show at check-in?
On flights of domestic routes of RK the RK citizen’s current ID card or passport can serve as an identification document. For the international flight’s check-in it is necessary current international passport. 

Can I go to the airport with fluids and medications?
The airport building is allowed to enter. But it must be packed in a suitcase or bag, then you will hand in your luggage at check-in. But in the relegation zone forbidden to carry any containers (containers, tubes) with more than 100 milliliters of liquid. For information about the rules of pre-flight inspection and a list of items to be accepted in the cabin and checked baggage, you can find in the « Rules of inspection and control ».

What is the cost for excess baggage? 
With this question you need to contact the airline that flies, as the free baggage allowance and excess baggage rates are set by the airlines. For more details - see « Baggage allowance ».

How is the transportation of animals and plants?
If you are transporting animals or plants, the first thing you need to agree terms with the airline. For more information, refer to « Transportation of animals and plants ». 

What if on arrival at the airport, I did not find his luggage or luggage lost things and it was damaged?
Claims for delayed baggage must be presented to the carrier airline, t. To. It is with airline passenger concludes the contract of carriage at the time of ticket purchase. Keep in mind, the entire responsibility for the carriage of baggage lying on the airline. 

Where to go in case of loss of documents at the airport?
All found documents at the airport shall be the police (police department of Department of Internal Affairs in Shymkent airport) or the border control service.
Department of Police Department of Internal Affairs in Shymkent airport: +7 (7252) 45-50-30 ext. 10-25
Border contro: +7 (7252)+7 (7252) 45-51-41