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Travelling with pets

Regulations for the carriage of animals

When transporting animals, you must have the following set of documents:

— veterinary passport;

— health certificate, which can be issued by any state veterinary clinic (form 1). The certificate should have information on all shots and their timing. The latest rabies shot for cats, dogs and ferrets should be done not earlier than one year and not later than one (1) month before the departure date. Matters related to vaccination, examination and accompanying documents for other animals should be coordinated with Veterinary Services in each specific case according to the Veterinary Medicine Law in force).  

You are allowed to travel with no more than two animals. You have to have a certificate, issued by appropriate authorities, as well as other documents, that can be asked for by veterinary authorities of your home country or the country of your destination.   

  If you travel with animals or carry plants, first of all you need to contact to your airline to coordinate transportation conditions with! 

The cost of transportation

Mass followed by animals and birds, including the weight of the container (cage) and food is not included in the free baggage allowance. Animals were weighed together with the container, cost of transportation based on the total weight. Free carrying guide dogs without a cage, provided that this dog has a collar and a muzzle and on a leash, it is the owner.

Rules of transportation of plants

It is forbidden to import into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the hand baggage and luggage of passengers from abroad seed, seed and potatoes (seed and food) without a phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Service for Plant Protection of the country of origin.