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Shymkent airport security

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the security policy of the corporation "Airport Shymkent".

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    The safety policy of the corporation "Airport Shymkent"

    Policy in the field of aviation security

     Safety management system   

Voluntary and confidential reporting system

The main purpose of the system of voluntary and confidential reporting of “International Airport Shymkent” JSC is to improve the safety of our company in the aviation industry by collecting data on existing and potential deficiencies in flight safety, safety and security.

Such communications may relate to accidents hazards or threats to the security of our operations in the aviation industry. Report not to someone was punished, and to the degree of risk was assessed by safety inspection, and if necessary eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.

One of the basic principles of safety culture is that based on the statements of a person will not be punished, so the coordinating office of “safety inspection” does not require personal information – delivery of information is voluntary. The security department is only interested in the essence of the message and is committed to providing security.

Inspection Service Safety provides a channel for the voluntary reporting of accidents or hazards associated with the activities of the organization in the aviation industry, without disclosing the identity of the employee.

When to view the data? 

You have to report when:

— you want the rest of the staff have learned and use of information about the incident or hazards, but do not want to disclose you name;
— there is no other established procedures and channels for reporting safety; 
— you have to use another channel or reporting procedures, but appropriate response to the situation was not followed.

Who can voluntarily submit data? 

If you are working in the companies department, service, you can help improve safety by providing the data on incidents, hazards or risks associated with the activities of our company in the aviation industry.

In addition to the company’s own employees, all employees of other organizations can also use reporting system. These include (but are not limited to):

— the flight crew and cabin crew;

— air traffic dispatchers;

— operators of ground handling; etc.

Voluntary and confidential reporting system 

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