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Disabled passengers

Disabled passengers Airport without barriers for passengers with disabilities and other persons with disabilities

The airport provides free escort services to / from the aircraft for passengers with disabilities. The nurse call button is located in the free parking lot, in the VIP parking lot and at the main entrance to the airport. There is a medical service at the airport of Shymkent, which operates around the clock.

In the composition of 4 paramedics, 2 honey. sisters.

1 duty room for mother and child.

Equipment: 5 wheelchairs, 2 wheelchairs, 1 staircase wheel lift with a platform (rock mobile) designed for the movement of people with disabilities.

All services are provided free of charge.

Contact phones +7 (7252) 45-50-30 (ext 1132), +7 (7252)45-50-30 (ext 1032)

E-mail Head of the medical service of Shymkent airport - Zarema Sultanovna Rozyeva.